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Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is a dental specialty which has noted quite a number of breakthroughs to this day. Nowadays, dental surgery is not even slightly as frightening as was perceived before. It includes surgical procedures and diagnosis of contusions and diseases of the oral cavity. It offers solutions for functional and aesthetic defects. At B.DENT we use the PRF method which ensures a quicker and less painful recovery. The PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) process is a process of filtering fibrin, a protein rich with thrombocytes and parts of other growth proteins, from the patient’s blood. This method of revitalization is used for quicker and better healing of bones and soft tissue, and it enables quicker bone growth and wound healing.

Dental surgery covers:
Dental implant surgery
Wisdom tooth removal
Root tip removal
Trauma treatment and corrective jaw surgery
Bone grafting and sinus lift procedures
Cyst removal
Complex tooth and root removals
Gingivoplasty (the surgical reshaping of gum tissue around the teeth)


Who can perform a dental surgery?

Dental surgery can be performed by dental surgeons who combine dental surgery skills and knowledge with general surgery assets. Our dentists are qualified for performing dental surgeries.

What are the most common dental surgeries?

The most common dental surgeries are dental implant surgery and wisdom tooth removal. A great number of patients report feeling discomfort and pain caused by wisdom tooth development due to lack of space in the jaw for proper teeth alignment. Wisdom tooth is then surgically removed and the wound is closed. The patient does not really miss the tooth since its removal does not cause any functional or aesthetic issues.


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