Inlay, Onlay

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Inlay, Onlay

Inlay and Onlay are fillings made of composite or ceramic material in a dentist laboratory. They are used in case of severely damaged dental tissue as an alternative to dental crowns. Inlay and Onlay fillings help preserve healthy dental structure, so there is no need to change the crown of the tooth.


What is the difference between Inlay and Onlay fillings?

We use Inlay to restore smaller surfaces of a tooth, whereas we use Onlay to restore bigger surfaces of a tooth and to strengthen its supportive structure.

When are Inlay and Onlay a better option than a dental composite filling or a dental crown?

There are different situations when we recommend Inlay and Onlay fillings. These fillings help preserve the healthy tissue since we only replace the damaged part ensuring full functionality of the tooth once the restoration is done. The firmness and stability of Inlay and Onlay fillings are very important to the supporting structure of an abscessed tooth. They are made in a dental laboratory using a dental impression of a prepared tooth for a perfect fit. This ensures that the filling sits perfectly once we put it in place, and it ensures full closure of the opening, which makes taking care of the restored tooth much easier. Also, in the laboratory, the colour of the filling matches the natural color of the tooth, which adds to the aesthetic component. As opposed to composite fillings, Inlay and Onlay fillings can be fitted to more challenging places.


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