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All on four

All-on-Four replaces all teeth from the upper jaw and also replaces dentures. Unlike prostheses, All-on-Four doesn’t need the reparation, glue or to be put in a glass throughout the night. It lessens the chance of loosing bone, also giving your teeth a more natural look.

All-on-4 implantation concept enables the entire reconstruction of upper or lower teeth using only four dental implants. This concept is an addition to all the possibilities in planning and creating a perfect smile because they are able to get one in only 24 hours.

The surgical procedure needed for All-on-4 concept is of minimal invasiveness, and the replacement teeth are placed right after dental implant surgery. The final prosthetic work is placed a couple of months later, when the bones heal. While waiting for the fixed prosthetic work, the patients can eat and perform daily activities normally using their temporary teeth.

All-on-4 concept is most suitable for patients with little jaw bone mass, and the specifics of the procedure do not call for bone reconstruction, which makes the whole process extremely fast and affordable.

What needs to be done: X-ray, check-up (in-person), CBCT scan

We provide you with a quality dental plan after your first check-up so that you are informed of any additional dental work which would have to be done (will take up to 48 hours). Feel free to ask us about any details you would like to be better informed about and get your free dental plan here!

Special offer:

Free X-ray
15% discount for CBCT scan
Free tooth extraction
Free antibiotics and painkillers

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