Top 10 reasons to choose dental implants


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Top 10 reasons to choose dental implants

1. A more natural look

Fixed prosthetics placed on implants looks and feels more natural. Since the implant integrates with the bone, it prevents bone recession.

2. Boosted self-confidence

Removable dentures often become loose and do not fit well, so they can fall out. It is not possible for a fixed denture on implants to fall out since the teeth are fixed. That enables you to be more self-confident and relaxed in your daily activities.

3. More comfort and convenience

Removable dentures can cause pain points inside the mouth under the dentures. Dental implants eliminate the pain as well as the need for additional cleaning and using adhesive.

4. Durability

Dental implants are durable and extremely successful. If you take proper oral hygiene, they can last a lifetime.

5. Enjoying food

Removable dentures can make enjoying food difficult because they sometimes slide and can fall out, while implants enhance the chewing ability and restore comfort and simplicity in everyday activities.

6. Enjoying the taste and chewing

Dentures affect the loss of taste of food because they cover up the palate. Dental implants do not cover up the palate, so you can enjoy the sense of taste to the fullest.

7. Better diet and better health

Unlike regular dentures, fixed prosthetics on implants enables eating more solid food which requires more chewing, thus affecting the overall health.

8. Better speech

Removable dentures often cause rustling sounds in speech and teeth can slide out, so it comes to inarticulate speech. On the other hand, dental implants do not cause any problems with speech.

9. You cannot lose dental implants

It happens to some patients that they misplace their removable denture, but implants include fixed prosthetics which is not possible to remove, so you cannot lose it.

10. Bone development

Patients who have removable dentures eventually lose bone mass. Bone mass loss makes wearing the denture difficult because the reef anchoring it gets smaller and smaller. However, implants act like natural teeth, preventing bone recession and stimulating bone growth.


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