Travel to Zagreb with enthusiasm and return home with a perfect smile! (15.05.2019.)

Would you like to choose a city destination for your next trip, relax, enjoy a wide range of tasty dishes or simply sit in a peaceful park under the sun? Zagreb is the destination for you and it is guaranteed that you will return home with a perfect smile on your face!

You will now have the opportunity to fly directly from Dublin to Zagreb as Croatia Airlines offers flights to Zagreb on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at extremely low prices. Hop on the 10:20 a.m. flight in Dublin and arrive in Zagreb just in time to grab lunch at one of the many appetizing restaurants the city has to offer!

While you walk around the streets of Zagreb, admire the historical monuments, get acquainted with beautiful works of art, you'll enjoy every moment. Yet, when you sit in one of the many cafes located throughout Zagreb and walk around and get to know people, that is when you will truly fall in love with Zagreb. During your first acquaintance with the city, just then you will know that love at first sight truly does exist. The longer your stay in Zagreb, the love and passion that you will feel about the city will grow bigger and bigger, and you will then realize why the city is known for having a pure soul.

Check out Croatia Airlines for offers and benefits that you may receive when purchasing your airline tickets for Zagreb online!

You can read here about upcoming events, offers and more about the city on the official site of our breathtaking city!

Come, be one of the many people who absolutely fell in love with this lovely city. You’ll surely return home with a perfect smile!


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