Smile transformation All on Four method (08.07.2020.)

It is a great honour for us when patients from 'the Most Beautiful City in the world', our beautiful Split, come for their most beautiful smile. Our dear patient and friend decided to change her life and her smile. She took the first step in that turnaround when she decided to contact us in 2017 and come from Split to Zagreb for consultations. Overall consultations, orthopan readings, and diagnosis suggested the installation of an All-on-Four system.

Our dear patient and a good friend has decided to change her life and smile. She made her first step to the perfect smile when she decided to get in touch with us in 2017 and travel from Split to Zagreb for consult. Full consult, orthopan reading, and diagnosis all pointed at All-on-Four system method implantation. Our patient was an excellent candidate for installing four implants, and after a detailed explanation of the process and her saying yes - we began our work.

Before surgical implantation, we removed the remaining teeth caught by paradentosis, cleaned the tissues very carefully, and made a plan to build in the implants in the upper jaw. After a pain-free implantation and positioning the Nobel Biocare implant, we took the prints to prepare the temporary teeth.

After 24 hours, temporary teeth are built-in and secured with screws. It is necessary to wait 4 to 6 months for implants to set, in order to make permanent teeth. The main difference between permanent and temporary teeth is quality, firmness, and the whole teeth row that adjusts the lower jaw to pressure the implants permanently. Therefore it allows blood flow, which decreases or neutralizes loss of jaw bone.

After six months, our patients have revisited us on her last faze of the All-on-Four system. We took her prints, and after 4 to 6 days, her new cobalt Crom construction is ready. New, fresh, and beautifully white teeth are put on the implants, adjusted with screws and ready to shine!

A couple of months past and our patient reached out to us that she would like to proceed with her smile dream and decided to make the lower jaw procedure. Her perfect smile was complete after a thorough analysis of the bone and dental plan on the lower jaw. Our patient looked years younger, and now, fully satisfied with herself, she became one of our smile ambassadors. She is enjoying all the beautiful things in life, smiling happily in Split. :D

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