The Inman Aligner is a mobile brace, which means it can be removed from the mouth at any moment and has the function of straightening the teeth in a short period of time. The advantage of Inman Aligner mobile braces over classic fixed orthodontics is the shorter duration of therapy.

In addition to a shorter therapy time than fixed braces, it also has the option of straightening the front teeth from canine to canine. This makes it an ideal solution in cases of relapse (returning teeth to their initial position due to insufficient retention) after fixed orthodontics, and it is possible to wear it in the upper and lower jaw simultaneously or separately in just one.

Before taking impressions for orthodontic analysis, healthy and repaired teeth are a non-negotiable condition. After that, the software creates a 3D model of the teeth, showing the expected situation after the end of the therapy, and the patient can see it upon receiving the braces. Orthodontic controls are arranged at intervals of two weeks; when the retention is made, the therapy is considered completed. Retention can be fixed or mobile; the latter comes in the form of a solid transparent splint, as in the case of Inman Aligner braces, and can be removed from the mouth. Fixed retention implies a small metal wire that is placed on the inside of the teeth that does not damage them, is not visible, and provides the patient with security throughout the day.

Inman Aligner braces need to be worn 18-20 hours a day, and the key to progress largely lies in the patient's cooperation and adherence to the rules of wearing braces. The duration of the therapy itself, apart from the patient's cooperation, also depends on the complexity of the case, i.e. the size of the movement required to bring the tooth back into alignment with the other teeth. The therapy usually ends three to six months after the start of wearing, while in certain cases, it can last even shorter than the specified period.


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