Our body is a temple, so why not take the best from it and help ourselves? Without artificial and unnatural supplements, our body is capable of healing itself. Of course, with a little help from science.

In this process, stem cells play a significant role, which are also used in dentistry using the PRGF method. PRGF (PlasmaRich in GrowthFactor) is a bio material widely used in oral surgery precisely because it stimulates and accelerates soft and hard bone tissue healing.

By activating stem cells from the body, new tissues are renewed, healing is significantly improved, and the process and quality of each surgical procedure is accelerated. It’s used in periodontology, maxillofacial and plastic surgery and otorhinolaryngology.

The process of obtaining PRGF is pretty straightforward, and it begins by taking a small amount of the patient's blood, which is stored in several tubes and placed in a unique device in which the tubes are centrifuged for 8-10 minutes.

After centrifugation, the blood is separated into three layers:

• Transparent plasma layer

• Red layer enriched with erythrocytes

• Yellow layer containing platelet-enriched fibrin

The layer containing platelet-enriched fibrin is separated from the rest and applied directly to the surgical site. Placing fibrin and plasma in the same place after tooth extraction accelerates the healing process. The process of accepting implants and implant placement itself makes it faster and safer and ultimately painless for the patient. However, this simple process requires professional and educated staff and an individual approach in which we will explain the patient all the benefits and possible risks.

PRGF is an entirely harmless method because only the patient's blood is used, without other additives.

Apart from dentistry, it is often used in dermatology, ie mesotherapy, because it is known that plasma is an excellent natural filler. Such a procedure is known as PRGF -Endoret (plasma rich in growth factors).


- after tooth extraction 

 - in the case of implant surgery for regeneration in the implant environment 

 - in oral surgery for bone regeneration defects 

 - in sinus lift surgery 

 - in the treatment of periodontal defects

FACIAL AESTHETICS AND DERMATOLOGY - treated areas (face, neck, décolleté, hands)  


PROCEDURE for application in facial aesthetics: The treatment lasts about twenty minutes. 

1. We draw blood because we need the patient’s blood to put it in the centrifuge machine. 

2. Before the treatment, the face is gently anesthetized to keep the discomfort as small as possible. 

3. Platelets are isolated and growth factors are activated. 

4. The resulting plasma is initiated with needles of the smallest diameter into the facial skin for tissue regeneration. 

5. Plasma is distributed on the skin of the face. 

6. After the treatment, we put on a plasma mask that has a beneficial effect and after a few hours all the consequences of the sting subside.

PRGF treatment stimulates skin renewal from within. Growth factors extracted from your blood stimulate the surrounding tissue to regenerate, making it more elastic and making the skin look younger and fuller.

Feel free to contact us for all details.


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