Phillip decided to place his trust in the B.dent (02.11.2022.)

After years of hiding his smile, Phillip Gallacher decided to regain his confidence and restore the health of his teeth. After a meticulous search and study of the best dental clinics, Phillip decided to place his trust in the B.dent clinic - the only condition was that the procedure was completed by the time of his son's wedding.

Upon receiving the CBCT scan, it was obvious that this was not a simple task and that the patient was in for a demanding and difficult process in order to achieve the desired transformation. After arriving in Croatia, Phillip came to B.dent's dental office to have the first examination, where the actual state of his oral health was to be determined. The examination revealed the situation was much worse than assumed just by looking at the CBCT scan - in addition to tooth repairs and root canal treatment, it was clear that there was an overbite problem and displaced teeth of the upper jaw.

Following a series of consultations with the dental laboratory, it was decided to use crowns to lift and correct the bite and to install a row of new teeth. In order to make sure that there will be no pain in the bite, jaw, or any other unexpected problems, it is suggested that the patient first get temporary crowns to eliminate any problems that may arise.

During the first visit, the patient received Nobel Biocare implants, and after the healing period, the bite was tested. Given that the temporary crowns did not cause any problems, the second visit was planned for placing suprastructures and metal-ceramic crowns on the implant screws of the posterior teeth and zirconium crowns on the anterior teeth.

The result was the one we always strive for - a perfect smile on the patient's face! At the B.dent dental clinic, we approach every procedure expertly, professionally, and with exceptional motivation to justify our patients' trust.


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