News at B.dent – Hyaluronic fillers! (24.01.2020.)

We realized the growing desire for little aesthetic corrections, which are quite painless and give wonderful results that last for over more than a year. This is not about dental procedures but we will reveal what you still crave other than a beautiful white smile.

We all want a beautiful white smile, don’t we? However, over the years, we begin to notice small imperfections on our face that we would like to restore to its original state. While doing this, we would also like to give our appearance a fresh and youthful look. Although time cannot be restored, the discovery of hyaluronic acid can help meet our expectations. 

That is why our doctors Jelena and Andrea received special training in renowned estheticians and have become certified experts in the application of hyaluronic fillers in facial aesthetics. From now on, B.dent can help you with wrinkle corrections and/or lip augmentation. Hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient in our skin yet it is proven that with time, we lose it and our skin becomes relaxed and wrinkles occur. 

Hyaluronic acid is made up of molecules whose main feature is the ability to bind water, which strengthens the tissue and contributes to the beautiful, healthy and youthful appearance of skin. We use resorptive hyaluronic fillers that last for about a year and whose application does not cause adverse reactions to the injection site.  We can safely say that the treatment has no negative consequences.

Quick, easy and – beautiful! Indulge in our
hands and restore time on the appearance of your face


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