Hrvoje - All on Four - NeoArch procedure (01.04.2019.)

Complete the transformation of a smile.

Self-confidence takes years to build by learning, educating yourself or personal experience. To gain additional self-confidence, we can work out to prepare our bodies for the summer season, change our hairstyle or be sure to follow the latest fashion trends. All of this is done in order for other people to get the right impression and make sure that impression is positive!

Yet, sometimes we forget to maintain a positive image and just then, when we take a look in the mirror, we remember how truly confident we are. Due to any fear or trauma that derives from our past from visiting the dentist, the discomfort or lack of time at the ever-increasing pace of our lives, so the result is neglected smile.

That’s how our patient, Hrvoje from Ireland, gathered his courage and decided on a big turning point in his life. He decided to make a change when he became aware of how important his smile is and the doors it could open in his personal and professional life. Ready, determined and aware that it was time for a change, he made his first appointment and consultation at B.Dent. He then became well-informed that his smile needed a complete makeover and that such procedure requires a long period of time and several visits to Croatia.

Detailed dental examination - By examining CBCT recordings and consulting internally with our dentists, we agreed that the best solution was to make the All on Four system on both his upper and lower jaw. The patient chose NEODENT implants - the NeoArch system, which meant extracting all the remaining teeth, repairing tissue and leveling the dental reef to finally get the perfect smile line.

Upon his first arrival and the previously mentioned dental plan, our B.Dent team began working on the surgical implant procedure. The entire procedure was painless and was performed through local anesthesia. Since the entire procedure was thoroughly planned in advance, the exact position and angle of the implant was precisely predetermined. The procedure of implant placement takes anywhere from one hour and thirty minutes to two hours. Then, the procedure of taking the implant position and the bite begins. The preparation of a tooth lab and the preparation of temporary teeth that will perfectly sit on the implants is the following phase.

Within 24 hours, the dental laboratory completed the preparation of temporary teeth with which the patient would normally function for the next 8 months while healing the bone implant. During this period, everything will be well recovered and implants can be permanently burdened.

The second stage of the transformation implies opening the implants, embedding the suprastructure and taking new prints. All in order to be perfectly molded to the implants and to be perfectly molded to the implants and dental edges that were healer after implant placement.

The prosthetic work of the tooth is performed on a Cobalt - chrome - plate construction, which immediately means that the teeth are more firm and therefore more resistant. We then finish the composite in layers to form the teeth for a perfect smile.

Now our patient has the smile of his dreams and got back his confidence that radiates through ever smile. As he himself mentioned, he wanted to turn a new page in his life, get rid of the fear of visiting the dentist and embark on a completely new way of life. He couldn’t even believe the outcome of his new smile and teeth shape. He cannot wait to show off his new smile to all of his friends back in Ireland! And for the B.Dent team, through another extremely demanding procedure, we managed to deliver another quality smile to the world. 

A smile with a signature!


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