Hollywood Smile - Patient Alma (25.02.2020.)

It’s always nice when patients find and choose you from the many other dental clinics around the world. It especially intrigues us when they come from another continent to visit our dental clinic in Zagreb, Croatia.

Our patient, Alma, chose us and contacted us to express her desire to have a “Hollywood smile”. After consultations and discussions, we gained her trust and started working – in agreement with her we decided to preserve all her teeth and make an implant plan. In this case, the implant plan required a lot of work which consisted of a bone augmentation procedure in her upper jaw, bone split in the lower jaw, and the installation of seven Nobel Biocare implants.  The bone augmentation in her upper jaw is required in order to have a quality foundation once teeth were extracted followed by the placement of implants.

Strict adherence to the instructions of dentists and surgeons is required, as the overall success of the surgery and final results depend on it. Not only was this a complex operation for the patient to wait a long period to see the final results but it was also demanding for the doctors given that there is always a small factor that could affect a negative outcome. The patient listened to all the advice and recommendations of our team and decided to turn another new page in her life. She told us that she had finally quit smoking. Not only does this life decision of her impact her teeth but also her health.

This procedure is followed by a period of osseointegration of the implant, which in this case is 5 to 6 months. Then the plan and work on the prosthetic part begin – making zircon crowns. The entire dental string of the upper and lower jaws is made on a zircon construction. Multiple adjustments of the smallest aesthetic details and harmonization of the bite gave the perfect smile as a final result.

“From now on, I will no longer be serious in pictures, I will finally be able to laugh heartily!” – says our patient Alma. We were able to fulfill all her wishes. For a perfect smile, some situations need to be arranged over some time: a determined and confident patient who knows what he/she wants, a healthy oral situation, a superior dental team with experience and good timing. However, the biggest challenge in our business is how to gain someone’s confidence, to convince someone that we are the dentist they need and that with our experience, knowledge and dedicated work, we can give you the smile of your dreams. This person has to give themselves to us completely, trust us and wait patiently for their smile. We are glad that Alma is happy with hers!


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