From Scotland to Croatia: A vacation and a trip to the dentist, all in one visit! (17.04.2019.)

In many cases, it isn’t quite simple to travel to a country you have never visited – you have heard a little about it but one of your goals is to get your teeth fixed to perfection. Mr. Richard decided to visit a dentist in Croatia and he didn’t regret his decision – he restored his perfect smile and lost self-confidence.

During the Advent season in Zagreb, a vast amount of tourists come to enjoy the exquisite Croatian cuisine, stunning architecture and exciting events that take place during this frigged season. Yet, there are tourists that not only come to enjoy the vibrant culture that illuminates during the winter season but also to take advantage of this time to create or examine your teeth. We had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Richard, a well-known journalist from the daily newspaper, “The Scottish Sun”, who found out about our dental clinic through a very positive recommendation. We made sure that we would do all that we can to ensure he left our dental clinic with healthy and happy teeth.

“Not only did everyone at the clinic speak fantastic English but the equipment and surroundings were top-notch, easily surpassing the kit I have encountered in Scotland.” - Richard Pidgeon, The Scottish Sun

After a brief examination of Mr. Richard’s teeth and taking an x-ray of his jaw, we explained to him vividly what the cause of all his pain was and what we can do to eliminate it, but also to prevent future dental problems from occurring. We began by restoring a sore tooth, treating a tooth canal and inserting a filling to that same tooth. We then cleaned all cavities that we came across as well as replacing any old dilapidated fillings with new white fillings. After two visits and a couple hours of work, Mr. Richard was finally ready to show off his new smile to family, friends and colleagues back in Scotland!

"But this was the closest to painless I have ever encountered. These were consummate professionals carrying out complex dental work with the minimum of fuss. The difference was incredible. For the first time in decades I felt good about my smile.” - Richard Pidgeon, The Scottish Sun

Mr. Richard expressed how surprised he was in regards to his overall trip. That only a short period of time was necessary to restore his more confident and comfortable smile. From the moment he decided to travel to Croatia and to the moment he sat back on a plane headed to Scotland, how quick the overall process is for anyone who decides to come and fix their pearly whites! His general thoughts and comparisons about dentistry, medicine, culture, and sports were discussed over a glass of wine and a delicious platter of Croatian delicacies. We hope Mr. Richard enjoyed his short time in Croatia and that he is smiling happily and confidently!


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