Client information – COVID-19 (19.03.2020.)

Dear patients,

We are currently facing perhaps the greatest business, financial and social challenges on a global level that may change our future daily routines.

At the moment, when everything stops working and closes temporarily, we want to inform you that our office is still open until our competent institutions (Croatian Dental Chamber and the Ministry of Health) decide otherwise. Also, we must mention that due to the current situation, guidelines have been set for us that we must strictly adhere to, and for this reason, we convey them to you in order to be informed.

•  We must reduce the number of patients and their companions in the waiting room; no one should be in the waiting room for longer than 5 minutes, and we hereby request that your accompanied husband, wife, mother, father, or son wait  outside the practice on the park bench.

•  In order to reduce the number of patients in the doctor’s office, we are only able to receive EMERGENCY CASES. Thank you for your understanding and try to take this seriously because ‘a quick check-up’, ‘a loose baby’s tooth’, or  ‘something  is too high or low’ is not considered an emergency. Responsible behavior will protect loved ones, children and the elderly.

•   As long as the situation allows us, we will be there for you, accept you and bring a smile on your face. If a different situation arises, we will notify you promptly.

•   Being a dental institution that cares for your health, we need to reiterate (like all health care institutions so far) that you prevent the spread of the disease by regularly and thoroughly washing your hands, with detailed instructions in the gallery.

•   If you have a fever or other symptoms of the disease, please do not come to the practice because we would like to protect you. PLEASE be a responsible individual and protect the rest of us and our staff.

•   Unfortunately, we cannot avoid close contact with you if your tooth hurts and we need to repair it, but you can avoid contact with others, so we will avoid handling you on your arrival and departure. DON’T TAKE IT TO HEART. Some of the  instructions are attached.

•   To ensure clean and sterile rooms, we have always adhered to high standards that may not have seemed relevant to you so far, but this time we will repeat them to you and make you aware of what is being done before your arrival and after your departure:                                                                                                           

  • We apply the highest standards of equipment sterilization
  • Thoroughly disinfect the premises within the practice
  • We conduct regular internal education on the disease and keep the space sterile
  • We supply the necessary disposable protective and disinfection equipment for everyone’s maximum safety. 
  • We delay the ordering of patients from crisis areas and those at risk of the infection.

Regarding the last item, we are obliged to tell you the truthful information about the virus: We stopped working with patients from Italy two years ago, and we are sure that some of our long-standing patients knew to run into them in the office and waiting rooms before the end of their appointment.

Patients from other European and world countries experience the same problems, and it was decided that all patients from the currently 54 listed countries wishing to enter Croatia were obliged to go to self-isolation for 14 days at their own expense. This would greatly complicate their stay in Zagreb, so we delayed all patients who were planning on coming to our practice in March and April. While some themselves became aware of the situation in the world and canceled their arrival until the global situation subsided.

We think this is important to emphasize in order to provide you with calmness and safety, but we also ask you if you forgot to tell someone that you have been skiing within the past two weeks to decide to stay home.

Please, for your own sake and to reduce the number of calls to our practice, the competent institutions previously mentioned have not communicated this to you, but we will: maintain your oral hygiene at least twice a day, brush your teeth thoroughly as direct by your dentist and use floss to remove leftover food between your teeth to prevent inflamed gums.

We hope that this global epidemic will end as soon as possible and return to a normal routine without buying too much toilet paper. Until then, and our full-time drive, we want you to continue to laugh with all your heart and look out for your loved ones, #beresponislbe and #stayhome as much as possible.

Your B.Dent team


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