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Veneers are made of a thin ceramic layer which are used to correct irregularities and tooth color.

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain which are placed on the frontal surface of the tooth. We use them to correct the irregularities of position, shape or colour of teeth. Veneers are among the most widely used solutions in modern cosmetic dentistry. Their advantage is a minimal removal of teeth structure. They are an ideal solution for a harmonious, shiny smile which will help you regain and boost your self-confidence.

Veneers are mostly used:
For correcting minor irregularities in the shape or placement of teeth
To replace damaged parts of teeth
To remove space between teeth
As a great solution to change the color of your teeth

What needs to be done: Send a picture of your smile, first check-up (in-person).

We provide you with a quality dental plan after your first check-up so that you are informed of any additional dental work which would have to be done (will take up to 5 working days). Feel free to ask us about any details you would like to be better informed about and get your free dental plan here!

Special offers for additional dental work:

Free X-ray
50% discount for fillings and 20% disount root canal revision (up to 4 veneers)
Free fillings and 30% discount root canal revision (more than 4 veneers)


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